August 18, 2017 —  Matt Hadden

Sigh…… That is all of us here letting out a breath because summer has just about come to an end around here. I am happy to say that this has been the best year of camp so far. Of course, every year gets a little better as we learn a little more and grow into the place and opportunity the Lord has given us.

Just to recap what the summer looked like for us; We went through close to 5,000 bottles of water, 1,600 gallons of diesel fuel, 1,100 gallons of gas and so many other things that our faithful supporters and groups bring with them. Also the countless hours of planning and working to make a safe environment that encourages life and learning while giving us the platform to share the gospel in a very clear way. We had six young people put their faith in Jesus this summer, I give God all the glory and am reminded that all of these afore mentioned resources are really irrelevant. Thank you to all of you that have had a part in our ministry here this summer to make it all happen. Continue Reading…

Till the walls fall

July 9, 2017 —  Matt Hadden

Hello, friends.
I want to start off by telling you how good our God is. He is always exceeding any futile expectation that I have. I am amazed at how He knows exactly what we need and desire, even before we know what those things are. We started off the summer with great expectation that we would have more children come to camp than we ever have before what we did not expect is how much more the very first week. Our highest day last year was 109 kids, our highest day this year has been 177. The first week of camp was all hands on deck, with every bus and vehicle we had full of kids that wanted to be at camp. Continue Reading…


May 19, 2017 —  Matt Hadden

Hello friends,
I apologize for not keeping you more up to date on our family happenings. Just the other day Amanda and I were laughingly talking about when we first moved to the camp this time four years ago, how bored we were and unsettled thinking we were not doing enough ministry. We laugh at the thought of that now because in just a few short years here we wish we had more time to be a little bored.
I have the hardest time resting. When I feel sick, I have the tendency to move around and keep busy because I feel even worse it seems when I sit around. This is not necessarily a good thing, The Lord has been showing me over and over again here lately (I’m a slow learner) that rest is from Him. I believe one of the things I wrestle with is I feel if I am resting I am not doing enough. I believe some of this comes from an urgency God put in my heart as a young person to see His kingdom come, but, does not make it an excuse for me not to rest. Continue Reading…

Take the roof off

February 28, 2017 —  Matt Hadden

I want to apologize for not giving you an update last month; things tend to get crazy busy without even realizing how fast time is passing by. I began working on pursuing a masters degree last year and have put it on the back burner for the last several months, I have tried attacking it yet again and have found it hard to be very motivated to read or write anything, between that, Bible study and sermon prepping. It is no secret that I have never been the most disciplined person, pray that God gives me much grace in this area to better serve Him.

It has been a great and exciting to start to this year. God has been so gracious in allowing us to lead people that are hungry for His word. And to be able to do it along-side some great partners in ministry.

The month in short; We have had a lot more snow it seems. I (Matt) am still learning to drive on ice. (Little fender bender). We have been able to start working on a new motorcycle project with Reservation Restoration. Jacob and Leah are playing Upward basketball with a church in Rapid City. We’ve had some frozen water lines along with the water heater going out in our house. It is a good reminder of how blessed we are with so many things we forget about until we don’t have them for a couple of days. There are many families in our area alone that don’t have any running water in their homes. Continue Reading…

Feed my sheep

January 24, 2017 —  Matt Hadden

Blessings to all of you in the great name of Jesus.
Here we are at the start of a new year. I am so excited to see what God has for us this year. This time last year our role shifted a little, and God honored us with the opportunity to pastor Sharps Corner. This has been such a humbling opportunity realizing that God would use us in that role. I am reminded of when Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him. After Jesus had an exchange with Peter challenging him if he loved Him or not and Peter confirming that he did, Jesus said, “feed my sheep.” What an incredible charge.

Continue Reading…


December 10, 2016 —  Matt Hadden

Well, people, here it is, the end of the year. I cannot believe how time flies. I guess the busier you are, the quicker it seems to get away from us. This year has been so full of amazement for us. Watching God take care of us, and pour out so much grace over our lives. I really can not imagine a life apart from my heavenly Father. As I think back over the last year, I see how God has been with us every single day. Sometimes I find myself forgetting how important the name Emmanuel is, the meaning being “God with us.” I can not even imagine a day or a moment without God ever present, this time of year we celebrate the coming of the Son of God, Jesus. I pray my heart never forgets the fact that God is with me because Christ gave Himself for me to be ever present with the King of kings. His name is called Emmanuel. Continue Reading…

Things as they are

October 12, 2016 —  Matt Hadden

fb_img_1436664023279Greetings from South Dakota.
We are in the very short season of fall right now with the expectation to be in winter very soon.
I will have to say; it has been a very busy month with a lot of exciting things going on. It has also been a month full of grief and heartache. I was sharing with a pastor friend of mine a few weeks back of how often missionaries feel the need to share all the positive things that are happening on the field and stay away from the things that might seem too heavy to write. My friend reminded me of a book I read many years ago by one of my favorite missionaries, Amy Carmichael. The title of the book is called “Things as they are” Amy had gotten to a point where she wanted to write about things as they are, and she did.
I think the reason for feeling the need to write about only the positive, good things going on is also for the person in the middle of the work. It can seem quite overwhelming when you write down what your life has looked like in the last month and wonder if you have measured up to other people’s standard, or even your personal standard. Needless to say every month we fall short. This is probably the reason I state in almost every newsletter that God is faithful. He is. Continue Reading…

To Him

September 14, 2016 —  Matt Hadden


Hello friends,
I hope and pray this newsletter finds you all blessed this new season.

It has been an exciting time here in our lives. I sit back and think about all the things God has done in such a short amount of time with Sharps Corner Baptist Church and the Chanku Waste ranch. It was not too long ago that I remember Pastor Mike Brennan casting a very large vision for the work of ministry here, one of those long term things being a school here at the ranch. As of the middle of August, we started having our first school classes here. Mrs. Pam Phillips and Mrs. Sara Mouw have taken upon themselves the calling of teaching our children on a daily basis. This is the beginning effort starting a full-time school here. Right now our two older ones, Jacob and Leah are enrolled along with the Mouw’s boys and one other girl from Kyle that is making the effort to be here every day. I ask you to pray for these first fruits of this vision coming to pass. Pray for Pam and Sara as well as each child that comes through this ministry for their education as well as their relationship with the Lord. Please pray with us on how to help fund each child in the days ahead, through scholarships or other avenues.
While the older two are at school in the morning’s little man Noah, I staking turns “helping” myself or Amanda each day, he is growing fast and is talking well. You can tell he is trying to adjust playing and doing things without Jacob and Leah right there with him. Continue Reading…

Be Still

August 1, 2016 —  Matt Hadden

Be still AugustHello, friends.
I have to apologize for not keeping you more updated throughout our summer. It has been pretty busy around the Chanku Waste Ranch the last couple of months.

It has been absolutely amazing to see all that God is doing here. We have had the highest numbers ever here at the camp, with our average double what it has been in years past. I do not believe this is for any other reason than God adding to our platform to be able to share the love of Jesus and the good news He has charged us with to the younger generation around us.

I cannot thank all of you enough who have given so generously of your time and resources to enable us. We have the most amazing groups, from all over the country, come and serve alongside us doing things that we can not do, catching a vision and taking it home with them to know how to pray and serve the ministry God has entrusted to us here.

We are starting our last week of camp today with some friends from VA and AL. It will be an exciting week to see how God is going to close out the summer, but, also a time to say some sad goodbyes, until next summer. I get the privilege to see most of the kids throughout the school year. I will probably be asked the week we start school “when does camp start back?” So many of the kids that come through the camp here look forward to being back all year long. Thank you to all who make it possible for this expectation to become a reality. Continue Reading…

I stand amazed

June 9, 2016 —  Matt Hadden

I stand amazedGod continually amazes me. I find myself looking around and getting lost in the overwhelming satisfaction of His presence. I have been involved in many different aspects of ministry over the years, and I have never been so flooded with peace at what He is doing.
I believe that our peace is directly tied to how we view God. When I am standing in amazement at how marvelous and how wonderful my God is, I can’t help but have peace completely wash over me. (I stand amazed, written by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel.)

Last Sunday I had the privilege of baptizing a lady who came to know the Lord shortly after we first moved here. Not only did I baptize her but three of her sons along with her. I cannot tell you how much it blesses me to watch someone see and understand the power of the gospel and then be able to manifest that in such a way as baptism. I have been so encouraged by the love and support of so many of you the last few months but also even more so by the patience and faithfulness of the local body of Christ right here. My continual and persistent prayer is that Jesus would be lifted high in every aspect of our ministry and life. I believe God is doing just that, Jesus is being lifted high, and I am so excited to see how He will continue to draw people to Himself.

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